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mai 17e, 2012

07:22 pm - Fighting intolerance and death penalty
News brought by Human Rights Watch: four men in Iran have been sentenced to death penalty for sodomy.

There's an international petition urging the EU and Uno authorities to intervene next to the Iranian government to stop this execution.

Here's the link 

Hope it's not too late

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février 15e, 2012

07:30 pm - Random thoughts 3: William/Spike and his mother
It's been a very long time since my last post here, but here it is: a new addition to my series of random thoughts about BTVS.

First a confession; this one is not so random. These thoughts occured to me after reading some exchanges about Spike and his mother that took a very simplistic view of their relationship which goes along these lines: William had an unhealthy relationship with his mother who loved him but felt in her heart deeply frustrated to be housebound. This view more or less puts the responsability of the dysfonction on William's shoulder. Though I agree with some points in this, I also think it misses the complexity of the whole picture.

The series gives us only one episode to understand the relationship between William and his mother: Anne (human Anne) only appears in two scenes in LMPTM, further developping what FFL alluded to in regard to William's character.

- from William's side: his mother is the real center of his life, he can't let her go, he still hasn't reached adulthood in spite of being well past twenty. Yet he aspires to adulthood through the figure of Cecily and deep down like for his mother there's also frustration about his current life: becoming a vampire/dying made him feel alive for the very first time.

- from Anne's side: she seems to be encouraging his son's attempt at having a life, but her actions don't second her words.
In a short exchange, she tells her son she hopes he'll find a woman, William replies there's already a woman in his life (meaning her). Her reaction is to giggle and beam. There's something of a seduction going on there. 

Later, as we discover she suffers from tuberculosis, William after having seen her cough and spit some blood, proposes to look for a doctor which she refuses. One can say (and rightly so) that she has the right to decide what to do with her health. But the concrete result is to tie a little more her son to her as he is the one who will have to take care of her. No mediator is allowed between her son and her.

The following scene has William sitting down at her mother's feet and leaning on her legs while she caresses his hair. If William's behaviour isn't "normal", his mother's isn't either. She's an active participant in this and is the one inviting her son to sit near her, manifesting her power over him.

The song she sings to him (and how many times has she done it?) is also revealing: Early one morning is the complaint of a young maiden betrayed and abandonned by her lover and asking him to never leave her.

So she seems at least ambivalent in her feelings towards her son: she may find his lack of independance frustrating but her behaviour reveals also a fear of abandonment and lets very little room for her son to grow up.

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octobre 12e, 2011

09:23 pm - occupy wall street
For the people who want to show support to the occupy wall street move, here's a link to a petition site held by Avaaz. It's in French, but the page has tools for other languages. There're also informations about Avaaz itself. 

You can also spread that link.


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février 5e, 2011

04:22 pm - Random thoughts 2 : Spike and humanity

Let's beginn with a few quotes:
  • Season 2
THE JUDGE (to Spike and Drusilla  )
You two stink of humanity.

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janvier 15e, 2011

03:30 pm - Random thoughts
Hi everybody! It has been a very long time since I posted anything meta ish

So just a little something (really little) about season eight and not thought through either (points at title)

Prophecy revealed by talking hamburger, prophecy revealed by talking dog licking his balls or buffoonery as a giant blinking sign to not take any prophecy seriously in ATS. But then Ats 5 had already the show taking a good laugh at Angel's story with Doyle through Spike tricked by Lindsey.

From my very distant POV, Angel's arc in season 8 has many similitudes with the story of some historic leaders of the French Revolution (Danton here comes to mind for example): engage in the fight for noble ideals (creating a better world, protecting the Republic), getting ready to sacrifice lifes to do it and sacrificing them, loosing control over the events, being destroyed by what you contributed to unleash.
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septembre 2e, 2010

06:08 pm - Watching from afar: Last Gleaming.
Before I begin, I have to mention that I don't read the comics, but only the reviews, which won't prevent me from exposing some quick thoughts born from these readings (but hey, I'm hardly alone in that, so... :-) )

As I have no reason to think J Whedon has suddenly sold out or totally lost his mind, I can't see him promoting a story along the lines it doesn't matter if your lover is involved in mass murder as long he's your true love and as I don't believe for one moment he wants to destroy his characters either, I'm inclined to agree with Emmy's reading. In fact, the textual hints she gives in her analysis and a quote in Scott Allie's last interview reinforce something I had more or less intuited for a few months : the existence of an outside influence, but an outside influence using some of the feelings or the traits of characters that Buffy and Angel have. For the moment being it doesn't make the characters look good at all, but they are more than these traits and feelings and I'm pretty sure this richness will be part of the solution.
I tend to link this with a sequence at the beginning of the comics, where Buffy dreams that she can't fight what's inside of her. Couldn't that be precisely her challenge in season 8 ? You can change the world (perhaps), but do you really change?  It's a recurring theme in Whedon's work and the answer to this question has always been ambivalent as Angel and Spike ' stories can testify. 
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août 30e, 2010

10:32 pm - Memory lane

I don't know exactly what caused this walk on memory lane today, but I spent some time looking for videos of David Bowie in the seventies. When I was a student at the beginning of the eighties, the character totally fascinated me. Looking at his face in this video reminded me of one of the reasons why he fascinated me so much (and bonus it's one of my favourite song of his): I think many of the observations Roland Barthes made about Garbo' s face in Mythologies could apply to him. There's an absolute in this strange queer beauty.  

In a way I think Spike partly pushes the same buttons that made me react so strongly to Bowie:

- the strange queer beauty of Marsters as Spike. And I could be wrong but it seems to me that one of his promo shooting played with image Bowie used on his cover on Low.
- the theatricality of the two characters
- the play with the masks and their ever changing nature
- their poetic nature and the capacity to build their life outside of conventions
- the impossibility to put them into strict categories be it genders or moral codes
- their provocative and iconoclast side
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août 16e, 2010

04:46 pm - DOUBLES IN BTVS

I haven't done much in term of BTVS study lately nor have I been much on LJ either, but here's a piece of meta that has been on my mind for quite some time. Hopefully, you'll find some interest in it.
As always, I'm sorry for my bad English and all the errors that could render this read painful.

As a mythic figure the Double or Doppelganger is extremely current in Btvs. Almost all the main characters have one, or even several of them. These Doubles can be constitutive of the characters or only make a quick appearance in one or two episodes for the purpose of the story. They assume various forms, some of them relating to the traditional type of the Double in fantastic literature, others being more original in their manifestation. But almost all of them share the traditional purpose of this mythological figure; to represent the hidden part of the human psyche. This short meta is an attempt at counting the characters who have a Double, at seeing how many Doubles they have and at establishing some of the characteristics of these various types of Double.


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juin 26e, 2010

10:57 pm - Women love bad boys ficathon, follow up

As I seem to be on a roll tonight, I proudly announce the second adjunction for my ficathon "Women love bad boys".

Warning : bad characterization and (bad) plagiarism. (shapinglight  will recognize one of the idea she used for one of her marvellous stories.)

In Willy's in Sunnydale.

A juke box eructs an old standard by The Clash. At the center of the room Spike and a man in costume sit together. There're two glasses, a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels and a laptop on the table. Though the bar is overcrowded, the tables around them are unoccupied.

- So, Mister Spike, you've got this reputation of being a bad boy, isn't it?

- You work for Gossip Magazine, right? And how many readers would that be?

- Around sixty thousands I think, but of course there can be some variation...

- All right! Dribble on, paper-moth!

The journalist stays impervious.

Well you know what's being said about bad boys and women...  

A salacious look spreads on the man's face and he leans forward, greedy for confidences.

- ... so tell me, how many women do you have had since you're in Sunnydale? Our readers really enjoy this sort of crunchy details.

- Yep, of course, let's count them, then: there's Drusilla, and Buffy of course, 

 His voice turns smug

- Harmony and let's not forget that punk girl. 

- And?
Spike's glass freezes on its way as its owner looks at the downcast air the man before him is arbouring now. The journalist grimaces.

- Four...

He scratches one of his eyebrows with embarrassement

- er ... how to say that ... that's not much...

The table and its garniture fly away as Spike roars into gameface.

- Sorry, buddy, no way you put a dent in my bad boy cred!

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08:07 pm - Women love bad boys. A ficathon?
Women love bad boys. It's a universal truth that needs to be repeated over and over for the edification of every generation. So, for fear some absent minded youth should miss this essential base of our culture, let's all celebrate this physical law with a ficathon. The rules are simple : short, funny and as outrageous as possible.

Here's my own contribution to the progress of civilization.

A dark alley, at night, in Sunnydale. Two tall guys wearing leather jackets with chains are walking. One of them, the taller stops and looks around the lonely street, he doesn't seem very confident.

- We shouldn't be here. That's not a good idea. There're quite bad stories about this block lately.

-Oh, shut up, coward. Told you already, there's this club with hot chicks around here, and I'm gonna give it a go.

- Still saying it's a bad idea.

They move again and turn around a corner. On the opposite side of the street a big curvy bimbo flickers in white and red crooking her finger at passers by above a name "The Women'z club" and a big red arrow showing the way to an entrance on the side of a new building.

- See, told you so, buddy!

- Seems classy, think they'll let us in?

Bill spits in his hand and carefully slicks some more his hair.

- Already in! Women, they love bad guys, and wouldn't want to miss on such goods.

He ostensibly adjusts his crotch.

- Come on now.

A few hours later, the day begins to rise. The sign switches off and two Women'z demons come out of the door on the side. One of them belches loudly.

-You, pig!

- Sorry, Mggrl. Bad boys, definitively tasty but not good for the digestion.  
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